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RAFT 3D cell culture system website - project overview
The RAFT 3D Cell Culture website was developed to support TAP Biosystems' innovative RAFT system. The key objectives were to effectively communicate RAFT's potential to the global scientific community and stimulate sales, to provide comprehensive information on the system and to demonstrate how this novel technology creates 3D cell cultures by combining a patented, collagen-based process with a range of consumables and reagents. The website featured: a 'System Overiew' of the RAFT 3D cell culture system, FAQ's, downloads of technical notes, scientific posters and operator manuals. A range of 'interactive' projects were also developed to fully demonstrate the capability of the RAFT system. These included a video demonstration gallery, interactive tours of key elements of the RAFT system and an ambitious 'process simulation' - taking the viewer inside the entire process of creating 3D cell cultures with RAFT.
Project skillset
Digital design and visualisation
Copywriting, copy editing
Graphic creation, photo optimisation and retouching
.php, Javascript, CSS, HTML programming and development
Video editing and web optimisation
Flash animation and programing
Analytics and site metrics
Web hosting
Project management
Ongoing support and development
Online marketing and sales lead generation
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