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Email marketing for science organisations
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Our ongoing brief from TAP Biosystems has been to effectively promote their portfolio of cell culture, bioprocessing and benchtop systems using ethical email marketing as a key part of a digital marketing mix.
Ethical email marketing has been important in achieving a wide range of marketing objectives, including:
The launch of new products to the life science community online
Ongoing generation of qualified, high quality sales leads
Promotion of new system features, functionality and key applications
Marketing of webinars and attendance at life science exhibitions and events
An ethical approach to email marketing means we observe five golden rules when undertaking email marketing campaigns:
1. When working with external lists, we use only opt-in databases provided by established and credible life science publishers
2. We never recommend repeatedly emailing the same people with identical messages in a short space of time
3. We respect the rights of recipients to ‘unsubscribe’ and always include this option in emailers
4. We never knowingly develop or send emailers which would cause issues for the recipient when they are received
5. We never pass on or divulge any information received in the course of a campaign to third parties or anyone not authorised to view it
Invention Interactive has been providing ethical email marketing to scientific, biotechnology and pharmaceutical organisations for over ten years. By applying these principals we have assisted many clients in becoming a trusted online brand in the life science marketplace.
A bad reputation travels quickly online. By acting outside ethical principals for perceived short-term gains, a company risks damaging their brand online and undermining future activities.
Ethical email marketing ensures that value is provided NOT ONLY to the client undertaking the campaign, but also to those receiving it.
This builds loyalty and establishes the client as a provider of quality information.
We apply a methodical approach to planning ethical email marketing campaigns for TAP Biosystems which ensures objectives are clear, expectations are realistic and content is developed which is appropriate to the requirements of the campaign and meets the needs of the target audience.
Our campaign planning process is designed to answer the following key questions:
Why are we undertaking the campaign?
Is the prime objective to generate sales enquiries, raise awareness of a key competence or new application, offset competitor activity or promote a specific event?
How will we measure the success of the campaign according to these objectives?
Who is the target audience?
Can we identify and segment the audience according to their location, their specialist areas of interest and organisational type?
How will we fulfill their interest and supply high quality information to them?
What are we saying to them?
Do we have existing content which can be adapted for use in the campaign, or do we need to develop new material?
How would we like them to respond to the campaign - how will we develop the interest after the 'click through'?
When are we deploying the campaign?
Is there a time imperative which will set the campaign deadline?
Will the campaign integrate with other marketing activities?
Our methodical planning process informs all subsequent stages and is particularly useful as a benchmark when evaluating the results of the campaign.
Logically categorise your campaigns and be clear about your reasons for undertaking the activity.
If your campaign has objectives of 'direct response' and enquiry generation, include clear calls to action to give your audience a good reason to respond.
An effective 'subject' line leads to impressive open rates. Things to avoid include: use of 'stop words' which trigger spam filters and subject lines which are ambiguous.
Be creative, be clear and concise. Hit the nail on the head for your audience and they will want to open the email to learn more.
Email marketing offers unique opportunities to segment and target an audience to deliver a message which is relevant to them and closely matches their areas of interest.
Invention Interactive has been offering ethical email marketing to scientific organisation for over ten years, and our work with TAP Biosystems provides the ultimate in personalised, relevant and targeted communications.
Invention works only with reputable, well-known scientific publishers and their online databases. All are 100% opt-in, containing individuals who have specifically asked to receive information which is of interest to them and meets the needs of their business. When a client supplies their own contact lists, we seek the same assurances that all list members have opted-in to receive email communications from them.
A small sample of targeting option for science organisations are shown below:
Geographic: ‘continent’, ‘country’ and ‘region’
Industry/company type: ‘commercial’, ‘academic’, ‘research institution’ and ‘Government’
Job function: ‘Lab Director’, ‘Lab Technician’, ‘Principal Investigator’, ‘Research Director’ and ‘Product Manager’
Technology/application area: ‘cell/tissue culture’, ‘bioinformatics’, ‘DNA isolation and purification’, ‘protein expression’
Due to long-standing relationships with scientific websites and publishers, Invention is also able to work outside the generally available targeting options to compile bespoke lists to match a clients’ requirements even more closely.
Beware companies who are not well-known in scientific publishing offering databases of large numbers of science professionals. Some will also claim to know of purchasing intentions.
These databases usually contain email addresses harvested from websites without permission.
Avoid providers of email databases who email recipients repeatedly over a short time period to gain maximum revenue for themselves.
Credible publishers will limit the frequency of their emailings to safeguard their integrity with list members and keep the value of their emailings high.
The life science community is well-known as being one of the most discerning, information-led audiences in the B2B marketplace.
The emailing material we design and produce for TAP Biosystems combines sophistication and clarity via branded design, with informative and relevant content tailored to meet the objectives of the campaign and the needs of the recipient.

Copy is written to be effective in an emailer – ensuring the key messages are clearly understood ‘at a glance’ and also stand the test of in-depth scrutiny. Without leaving the emailer, the viewer can respond to campaign calls to action and is motivated to ‘take the next step’ by clicking through to the online campaign support material.

Such is the quality and usefulness of our emailers as standalone pieces, they are frequently retained for future reference by those who receive them - extending their effectiveness way beyond the campaign period.

Invention Interactive's email design services include:
Emailer design, build and programming
Copywriting for email campaigns
Design and development of campaign support material
Email broadcast delivery services
If your home page, or a general website page are used as 'landing pages' from your mailer, ask yourself if they effectively develop the level of interest generated by the campaign?
The importance of 'thinking beyond the click' with effective campaign support material is crucial to the success of a campaign.
This ensures that interest is fulfilled and the respondent is provided with high quality information to encourage an enquiry.
Our work for TAP Biosystems targets geographically dispersed audiences as well as those clustered in leading centres of scientific excellence.
Timing and frequency of deployment are key factors in the success of an email marketing campaign, impacting significantly upon open rate and resulting response.
Our email campaigns are optimised for maximum deliverability to get inside the 'in-box':
Deployment timing: We are able to schedule emailings to suit target audience time zones for optimum open and response rates
Emailer file size: We ensure all our HTML emailers are between 20 - 40k maximum. This ensures quick downloads and avoids the potential for being blocked by Firewalls
Technical specifications: All emailers are designed to be accessible by all popular email programs and can be viewed using standard settings
List management: Client contact lists sent via Invention's email broadcast system are automatically cleansed to remove 'unsubscribers' from emailings and report on 'bounces' to assist in client database maintenance
Finally, we comprehensively test our email campaigns before deployment - both in terms of the emailer itself and also the campaign support material. This ensures we see and respond to the campaign in exactly the same way as the target audience.
Most emails are opened within three hours of receipt. However, effective emailers can be stored for future reference and can still generate interest months after they are first sent.
Experience has shown us that the most successful B2B emailings are sent between 3.00 - 4.30pm on a Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Campaigns deployed on Monday have the least favourable open rates.
Invention provides a comprehensive set of metrics to enable meaningful evaluation of email marketing campaigns. Our metrics provide all you would expect to evaluate a campaign from a statistical perspective. Equally important in our work with TAP Biosystems is the interpretation of metrics associated with B2B and science-based email marketing.
Our experience of working with science-based companies for over ten years, enables us to benchmark campaigns which have similar characteristics to spot trends and advise on what is producing the best responses from the target audience.
We also return to the Planning stage of the campaign and assess how the plan worked in practice. This tells us what worked well and where we can improve when undertaking similar campaigns. This provides a 'virtuous circle' which feeds back into future activity.
Metrics provided at the conclusion of the campaign include:
Open rates: to inform the effectiveness of 'subject lines', the days which result in the best open rates and the percentage of the total list which opened the email
Clickthrough rates: providing an overview of how many recipients clicked a link in your emailer to visit a campaign landing page.
Page impressions: more important than pure 'clickthroughs' are the number of times campaign support pages are viewed and the audience digests your information
Visiting domains: reporting on which domains and companies visited your page during the campaign period
Enquires: the number and source of enquiries arising from the campaign
When working with contact databases provided by clients, Invention's email broadcast system also adds the following metrics to campaign reports:
Unsubscribers: providing the unsubscribe rate and email addresses of those who have chosen to opt-out of future emailings.
Bounces: providing details of bounce rates and email addresses where the emailer could not be delivered.
Not all campaigns can be evaluated on a 'like for like' basis. Beware of being a guided purely by numbers and focus on quality rather than quantity.
Metrics are essential but should be evaluated in the context of the campaign subject matter, the expected response and the audience targeted.
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